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Debra Watson

July 5, 2005

Dear Joanie,

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful services for my father-in-law Richard Watson on June 26, 2005.

I feel first impressions mean a lot. When I called on a weekend and left a message on your answering machine, you returned my call right away. I was impressed with the fact you called back on the weekend, but even more impressed by your conversation. You have to be a special person to deal with people who just lost someone they love, and you are truly one of those people. Not only was my conversation with you informative and caring, your voice and tone has a calming effect. You form a personal bond with the company you choose to take responsibility of your loved one's remains, and you made me feel confident in my decision to utilize your service.

The balloon release was such a perfect way to send Richard to the heavens. It was so calm, quiet and heartfelt. It's hard to put into words what emotions I felt watching our yellow balloon slowly float up into the beautiful blue sky and into the clouds. It just all seemed so perfect, and made a hard situation into a wonderful memory.

I will highly recommend Eternal Ascent to anyone who is in need of this type of service. You and your family have formed this business, but you give such a personal feeling, it makes it seem like you are friends instead of someone selling a service.

Debra L. Watson

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