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Mrs. Leonard Walsh & Family

Dear Eternal Ascent Society,

"Up, Up & Away in His Beautiful Blue Baloon." That's how we will always remember my husband and family's loving father.

What a sad, but beautiful way to say our final "goodbye" to our loved one. He was a person we cherished & loved so very much, and we would let him go no other way.

May you be blessed for performing this wonderful service, as it takes a very special person to do this. I know my family was pleased with the way you explained to them how this loving tribute and releasing of the baloon would be done. We also appreciate your thoughtfulness for allowing us to say our prayers before the release & letting us take all the time we needed.

To know my husband is up there in the universe is a great comfort to us. No matter where we all are, near or far apart from one another, all we have to do is look up to the "sky" & there he is - looking down at us forever.

Fondly and with many thanks,

Mrs. Leonard Walsh & Family.

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