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Leyanne Landenwitch

June 17, 2003

Dear Joanie,

You are officially a member of our family after our wonderful experience on June 15, 2003. Now you need to hear "the rest of the story".

Lou had expressed a desire to have his ashes go up in a balloon after he died. For the ascent to occur on Fathers Day at Ft. Island Gulf Beach close to sunset just enhanced the entire event.

A while after releasing "Poppa Lou" the skies darkened quite a bit but not a drop of rain fell on us. Later when we drove back to U.S. Highway 19 from the beach we saw many puddles on the road, as we looked out in the gulf we saw the graceful arching of Dolphins traveling down the coast. It was the firt time many of the family had seen Dolphins in the wild.

When the sky cleared and lightened, we saw a double rainbow, small clouds passed in front of the sun and showed a red-gold lining around them. As the huge orange red ball met the water surface the reflection looked like a pedestal for the sun. It was stunning! Louis' oldest child said she had never seen a more beautiful sunset.

Five children, many grandchildren, spouses, one great grandchild and I want to thank you for an incredible moving experience.

Warmest Regards,
Leyanne Landenwitch

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