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When arranging for the cremation of the Deceased, advise the Funeral or Cremation Director that the disposition of the cremated remains is "to be shipped to Eternal Ascent Society." Most Funeral and Cremation Directors are familiar with the requirements of shipping human cremated remains and will provide this service for you.

If you take possession of the cremated remains, you will have to make the appropriate shipping arrangements.

As of this writing, UPS and air express services do not accept cremated remains shipments. All cremated remains must be shipped via the United States Postal Service registered mail, return receipt requested in accordance with USPS Publication 52.

462.2 Cremated Remains
Human ashes are permitted to be mailed provided they are packaged as required in 463b. The identity of the contents should be marked on the address side. Mail pieces must be sent registered mail with return receipt service.

The cremains must be prepared for shipment in accordance with USPS Publication 52 Guidelines and shipped Registered Mail with Return Receipt Service to:

EAS Franchising Corp
8395 W Yew Pine Court
Crystal River, Fl 34428

Note: Your local Postmaster should be able to assist you with these requirements.

In a separate, attached envelope include:

1) One copy of the Death Certificate

2) The completed Release Form

3) Your payment in full for Services Requested

Payment should be made by Bank Cashier Check or Money Order.

Please make payable to: EAS Franchising Corp.

Payment should be sent to:
EAS Franchising Corporation
650 SE Port Paradise Rd
Suite 5500
Crystal River, Florida 34429

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