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The Family contacts Eternal Ascent and we make arrangements to take possession of the cremains either from the family or we can pick up the remains at a Funeral Home or Crematory. They can also mail the cremains to us if they prefer.

The family picks the date and location for the release (this can be anywhere that has open space for a release such as a park, lake, beach, church, or at home if there is plenty of room). The family chooses the balloon color (blue, red, yellow or green).

We meet the family at the release site on the date chosen by the family. The balloon is transported to the release site in the inflation chamber inside of the Eternal Ascent van or trailer. The family has gathered and the balloon is given to the family members for release.

Pictures and video's will be taken for the DVD and Photificates (certificate with pictures of release).

Prior to the release, the family can say a prayer, read a poem or have a service performed by a minister.


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