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How did you come up with the idea?

As most great ideas go, quite simply. Clyde and Joanie, owners of a gift balloon shop, were sitting around with family, discussing plans for their ultimate demise. At one point, Clyde turned to his brother and said "I don't care what you do with me - just have me cremated and send me up in a balloon." Thus was born the Eternal Ascent Society.

So what happens to the balloon?

After its release, the balloon travels to an altitude of approximately five miles. At that height the temperature is 40 degrees below zero. The balloon simple crystalizes and fractures, scattering the ashes to the four winds.

How far up can I see the balloon ascend?

We only release on good weather days, so visibility is greatly increased. Generally speaking, the balloon is visible up to about two miles, or about fifteen minute's time, depending on wind conditions.

Have you ever had any mishaps?

We're proud to say no. We are very careful in our process and procedure on each release. Everything is done to insure that the balloon is filled and lifts off without any unexpected results. It's all part of our patented process.

Do you really have a patent on this?

Yes, our patent was issued on October 15, 1996.

Are you offering "dealerships"?

Yes, we now have franchise available. For more information on obtaining one in your area, visit our Franchise Information section of our web site (click here).

How much does a release cost?

That's a very good question, but one we prefer to answer when you contact us directly.

Is this whole thing safe to the environment?

Yes it is. Prior to applying for our patent, all environmental issues were thoroughly researched. Our balloons are biodegradeable and are not hazardous to humans or animals in any way.

For more information about non-hazardous balloon releases, please read A Balloon Council Published Article on the Subject, click here.

How do you get the cremains?

The cremains can either be delivered to us or we can pick them up for you, within a reasonable distance. We make arrangements with the funeral home or crematorium for this.

Do you work with funeral homes and crematories?

Yes, indeed, we work very well with them. They are pleased with the service we offer and consider it a value-added service for them.

Do you release all the ashes?

No. We release a memorial amount of ashes in each balloon, enough to see clearly through the bottom of the balloon, though not too much to prevent proper flight of the vessel.

Do you release the balloon yourselves?

Generally, no. We transport the balloon to the lift site and remove it from our vehicle. When those who are going to release it are ready we carefully hand it over to them. After a few photos are taken they release the balloon themselves.

What if there are children present at the release?

As a special memorial for young ones, we provide any number of smaller balloons for them to release after the primary balloon has lifted off.

How far will you travel for a release?

We will travel 100 miles from our flagship office at no charge. Further than that requires a minimal transportation fee.

Can I choose the color of the balloon?

Certainly. We offer Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

What are people's favorite colors?

In our experience to date, yellow and red are the most popular colors.

How large is the balloon?

The balloon is five foot in diameter.

Who chooses the release site?

The family does.

How do you dress for a release?

However the family wishes us to.

Is there a memorial service involved?

We allow the family to decide upon that. They may have a service, read a poem, or say a prayer prior to the release.

I see pictures of people in the photos. Does the family have to be present at a release?

No they do not. We've been performing releases in and around our area, so family and friends have always been present. But people can send us their ashes for an unattended release.

So how do I know you performed an unattended release?

In the event of an unattended release, a professional DVD is produced and sent to you, along with the official Eternal Photificate.

Can I put anything else on the Eternal Photificate?

Yes. We've produced Photificates that included family pictures, poems, and other things of a personal nature.

Do you offer any other keepsake besides the Eternal Photificate?

Yes. We do produce a DVD of the release, or you may provide family photos for a video album set to music. Contact us for more information on these services.

More questions?
Visit our Contact section for ways to get in touch with us.

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