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Harold Sherman Press Release
February 3, 2003, Clermont, FL.

It was as calm and picture perfect a day as one could hope for. A warm breeze blew through the morning air, leaving no reminder of the strong winds and vicious storm that ravaged central Florida only a day before. All that seemed a distant memory when the family of Harold Sherman gathered at Lake Dixie in Clermont on Sunday, February 23, 2003 to pay their last respects to a man who spent his life riding upon those gusts of wind.

Harold Sherman was a corporate pilot for most of his adult life. His work was flying executives for many major league corporations. Now Harold was to take the ride of his life, in a balloon to the heavens.

Harold's wife and family had remembered clipping an article about a service that sends cremated remains skyward, only they couldn't recall where they left the paper. They searched the house over and again, and finally located the missing article. They called upon Ms. Joanie West of The Eternal Ascent Society, Inc. to perform a "release," whereby the ashes of Mr. Sherman would be placed inside a five foot helium balloon and sent to the heavens.

The Eternal Ascent Society, Inc. holds a worldwide patent on the process of placing cremated remains inside a large helium-filled balloon and releasing it skyward. They have been performing this service since 1996 and have sent dozens of pets and humans to the heavens in what they call "a most fitting farewell."

Harold Sherman's release was an especially poignant one, considering his lifelong career as a pilot. And the day couldn't have been nicer for it. The balloon was still in sight some fifteen minutes into its flight, "somewhat longer than usual," claims Clyde West.

Owners Joanie and Clyde West are proud to have created such a service for people, allowing them to help others bring a very unique closure to an otherwise grave period in one's life. After performing numerous releases themselves through the years, the Wests are now beginning to sell licenses to perform this service throughout the continental United States. They hope to be able to share with a select group of like-minded entreprenuers a business that helps people seeking alternative methods of dispersement a unique choice.

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