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Stephen Lucash Press Release
April 23, 2003, Hernando County, FL.

April 23, 2003 brought with it sunshine and blue skies, but even the beutiful weather couldn't mask the fact that a young man's life was taken so suddenly from us. And as the crowd gathered at Pine Island Beach in Hernando County it soon became apparent just how many lives were touched by the tragedy that befell Helen Fredere and her family only a short time before.

Stephen Lucash, 16, had lost control of his vehicle, flipping it several times, and was ejected from it, ending his life on April 9. A plea from his family for financial help had gone out on fliers and jars throughout the area, and the money poured in, but as if to add insult to injury, the money was stolen from their home and the family was left wondering just what was happening to them.

After reading the story in the local papers, Joanie and Clyde West knew they had to do something. So they donated their services to the family, in an effort to help bring some closure to their most tragic loss.

Their company, The Eternal Ascent Society, Inc. holds a worldwide patent on the process of placing cremated remains inside a large helium-filled balloon and releasing it skyward. They have been performing this service since 1996 and have sent dozens of pets and humans to the heavens in what they call "a most fitting farewell."

So at 7:11 p.m. Stephen's ashes were released to the heavens while his family and friends looked on in solitude and remembrance. It was a beautiful day and the love for this innocent child filled the air. Stephen's mother was very appreciative for the West's generosity, but Joanie and Clyde knew that this was such a small gesture on their part to try and fill the great void in the hearts of Stephen's loved ones.

Owners Joanie and Clyde West are proud to have created such a service for people, allowing them to help others bring a very unique closure to an otherwise grave period in one's life. After performing numerous releases themselves through the years, the Wests are now beginning to sell licenses to perform this service throughout the continental United States. They hope to be able to share with a select group of like-minded entreprenuers a business that helps people seeking alternative methods of dispersement a unique choice.

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