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Myrna Lou Clemons Press Release
March 31, 1996, Crystal River, FL.

Fulfilling her final wishes, Celeste Ready of Ocala, Florida had the cremated remains of her mother, Myrna Lou Clemons (49) sent to the heavens in a four foot helium-filled balloon earlier today.

Fascinated with space and flight, it was Myrna Lu's wish to be sent up with one of the N.A.S.A. flights. Knowing this request would probably not be honored by the federal agecncy, her daughter Celeste sought out other means of granting her mother's final request.

Before her death, Myrna told her daughter of a newspaper article she had recently seen of The Eternal Ascent Society and their patent pending (the only one worldwide) procedure whereby cremated remains are airlifted inside a 100% latex, helium-filled balloon. Contacting The Eternal Ascent Society, arrangements were made through Joanie West, President, to have Myrna's ashes sent skyward on a final journey to the great beyond.

As Joanie explained to Celeste, "When the balloon reaches an altitude of approximately five miles, it freezes and crystalizes, scattering the ashes in the upper atmosphere. The balloon is completely biodegradable and the entire process is environmentally safe."

The Eternal Ascent Society accepts pre-registration and offers their unique service throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and abroad.

For further information, or a personal interview with Joanie West, you may call of fax The Eternal Ascent Society at (352) 563-5266, or contact them at 8395 Yew Pine Court, Crystal River, Florida 34428.

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