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Chamber of Commerce Article
Citrus County Chronicle, 2005.

Some of the most successful businesses in the world today started with a single idea coming out in conversation. So it is with Eternal Ascent Society. While having a talk with her husband Clyde about funeral preparations, Joanie West asked him about his wishes for that time. He told her he would like to have his ashes sent to the heavens in a balloon. That sparked an idea. What a fitting farewell that would be for the individuals who choose cremation. Since that time, the Eternal Ascent Society has patented this touching idea and has served hundreds of families with an emotional service. The ashes are carefully placed in a weather balloon and released 5 miles into the atmosphere where it disintegrates and releases the remains. This professional service is now offering franchises with four successfully in place around the country and three more in current negotiation. Joanie West has been an Ambassador with the Chamber of Commerce for 15 years and is currently a lifetime Ambassador. Her service to the community and her business savvy has earned Joanie and her business, Chamber Member of the Week! Eternal Ascent Society can be reached at (352) 563-5266 or toll free at (800) 808-2082. You can visit her website at (you're there right now!!!).

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