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The Eternal Ascent Society, Inc. has been the subject of a number of articles and news stories through the years. The Eternal Ascent Society has had writeups in the following books and magazines.

Modern Maturity
"You Ashed For It"
Sept / Oct 2001 Trends, pg. 20.

Coast Weekly
"Cremains of the Day"
(California), Aug 3-9 2000, by Tai Moses, pg. 12.

Cat Fancy
"An Uplifting Way To Say Farewell"
March 1998, Pet Burial Alternative, pg. 11.

Loving, Caring, Letting Go Without Guilt: A compassionate but straightforward look at pet euthanasia
By Dottye Steinbach, c1997, pg. 72.

(Germany), Oktober, 1996, pg. 72.

Implosion - A journal of the bizarre and eccentric
"Up Up and Away" How a woman in the balloon gift business began ascending the dead
Issue 5, pg. 17.

Mother Jones
"Up Up and Away"
Pg. 18.

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