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Would you like to offer this unique service?

Eternal Ascent Society is now offering Funeral Professionals the opportunity to offer their clients this beautiful alternative to the more common methods of scattering ashes.

The Eternal Ascent Society will sell you a License that grants you the right to use the Eternal Ascent Society patented process for releasing cremated remains in a balloon right from your own property or at a location of the families choosing. Eternal Ascent Society, as the licenser, has established certain parameters that define the Eternal Ascent Society process. These parameters are broad, however, and there is considerable latitude for the individual licensee to define his or her approach to marketing this service. We typically charge $1,000 for a simple release and up to $1,500 if additional services are provided so this arrangement offers you the opportunity for significant revenue with relatively low start-up costs.

How much does the License cost?

The License Fee is $5,000.

The cost of all required equipment necessary to perform our patented process is $1,000 plus shipping costs. You will need to purchase or lease a helium tank from a local vendor. You will be provided with a training video. Additional training can be conducted either at your facility or at our corporate headquarters in Crystal River, Florida. You will be responsible for transportation and travel costs related to training.

The Licensee must purchase all ETERNAL ASCENT RELEASE KITS from the Licenser in bundles of 5 at the then current price (the current price is $500 per kit).

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your joining the Eternal Ascent Society family.

For more information call Joan West at (800) 808-2082 or email her at

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