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Eternal Ascent Society and Heinz Funeral Home Reach New Heights in Cremains Disposition
Press Release

Picture subtitles: The balloon can be released at any site meaningful to the departed and his family. A family sends their Loved One on a final flight to the Heavens

Eternal Ascent Society, Crystal River, Florida, is pleased to announce that David Heinz of Heinz Funeral Home in Inverness, Florida has joined the Eternal Ascent Society family as Citrus Countyís exclusive Funeral Home provider of its' patented process for the scattering of cremated remains by releasing them in a giant (5-foot diameter) balloon.

"Our Balloon Release is elegantly simple," says Eternal Ascent Society Owner, Joan West. "After processing the cremated remains we place them in a 5-foot, biodegradable balloon. The balloon is inflated with Helium inside our patented inflation chamber and transported in the inflation chamber to a site chosen by the family. After a private service we release it to the heavens. Once released, the balloon slowly ascends to a height of approximately 30,000 feet. During the balloonís ascent it expands and at a height of almost 6 miles (where it is 40 degrees below zero) it freezes and fractures, scattering the ashes to the four winds."

For those families that choose cremation over traditional burial, this service provides a beautiful and meaningful way to help bring closure to the grieving process as they send their Loved One on a final flight to the heavens. In the nine years that Eternal Ascent Society has been offering this service to the public they have received many letters from the family and friends of the deceased expressing their thanks and gratitude for helping them find a way to celebrate that individualís life and to say goodbye.

For more information about this truly unique alternative to the more common methods of memorial ash scattering contact Joan West at or call her at (800) 808-2082. You can also contact David Heinz at at Heinz Funeral Home & Cremation, 2507 Hwy 44 West in Inverness or call him at 352-341-1288.

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