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We offer a unique franchise opportunity that provides the structure, resources & marketing tools necessary for you to build a successful Memorial Ash Scattering business around our patented process. Our service is a fitting farewell for both humans and pets. You will be offering the friends and family of the deceased a unique and unforgettable memorial as you send their cremated remains on a final flight to the heavens in a giant, environmentally safe balloon.

No previous funeral or aftercare experience required! All that you need is the desire to own your own business and the willingness to help others at their time of need.

Our Balloon Release is elegantly simple, beautiful and dignified. After processing the cremated remains they are placed in a 5-foot, biodegradable balloon. The balloon is inflated with Helium inside our patented inflation chamber to protect the contents. The balloon can then be safely transported in the inflation chamber to a site chosen by the family and, after a private service, released to the heavens. When released, the balloon slowly ascends to a height of approximately 30,000 feet. During the balloon's ascent it expands and at a height of approximately 5 miles (where it is 40 degrees below zero) it freezes and fractures, scattering the ashes to the four winds.

For those families that choose cremation over traditional burial, our service provides a beautiful and unique way to bring closure to the grieving process as we send their Loved One on a final flight to the heavens. In the many years that we have offered this service to the public we have received many letters from the family and friends of the deceased expressing their thanks and gratitude for helping them find a way to celebrate that individual's life and to say, "goodbye".


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